Срочно!!!! Срочно!!!!
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.

1.I find rock music much too
and loud. (aggression)

2.Everyone in the group is extremely
. (talent)

3.The music is very fast and
It\'s great for dancing. (energy)

4.Jenny likes reading
novels. (romance)

5. Daphne is very
she plays the violin, the piano and the flute!

6 .Some dance music can be rather
over again. (monotone)
- just the same sound over and

7.They play
music using saucepans and spoons! (experiment)

8.I don\'t think that heavy metal music is
. (relax)

9.Danny plays the
guitar - he\'s really good. (electricity)

10.We had an
visit to Elvis\' home and were glad we went. (enjoy)​
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1. ... too much aggressive and...

2. ... extremely talented.

3. ... fast and energetic.

4. ... reading romantic novels.

5. ...very musical.

6. rather monotonic.

7. play experimental music...

8. ...is relaxing.

9. ...the electric guitar.

10. ... an enjoying visit..