9 Imagine you have got to give a lecture on the geographical
position of Ukraine in one of the American schools. Use the
map. Point out the borderlines, the bordering countries,
seas, rivers and mountains of Ukraine. Speak about its
climate and nature.
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In the west and southwest, Ukraine borders on Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.

The southern territory of Ukraine has access to the Black and Azov Seas, which has a positive effect on the development of its economy and industry. The total coastline is almost 2 thousand km, where a significant part of mineral and natural resources is concentrated. There are about 70 thousand rivers and streams of various sizes on the territory of Ukraine, which indicates the presence of a developed and dense river network. Their total length is 248 thousand km. The most deep, extended and playing an important role in the economy and economy of the country are such large waterways as the Dnieper, Dniester, Danube, Southern Bug, Western Bug, Desna, Pripyat and Seversky Donets. In Ukraine, only six peaks that have jumped over 2,000 meters, and they are all concentrated in one mountain mass - Montenegro. The highest mountain in Ukraine is Hoverla, whose height is 2,061 m.

In most of the territory of Ukraine, the climate is moderately continental, with distinct seasons, and only on the southern coast of Crimea it changes to subtropical. Natural vegetation occupies 19 million hectares, which is about a third of the country's territory. More endemic, rare and endangered species grow in the Crimean mountains and the Carpathians. Today forests occupy 14% of the territory of Ukraine. The composition of tree species in forests changes under the influence of human economic activity.