Task1. Listen to the audio and fill the gaps.
Use the link to listen information https://listenaminute.com/m/memories.html
If you’re lucky, you have more 1-________________ than bad ones. I’m very lucky. I have lots of good memories. I don’t have many 2-_______________. I don’t know why. Lots of bad things happened to me when I was younger but I don’t really have 3-______________ of them. I do have very clear memories of happy times. My earliest memory is of my first day 4-_______________. I guess I was three. I remember playing in the sand and eating it. I don’t remember my mother getting angry though. My most 5-_____________ is a holiday to Mexico when I was ten. I remember every sound and smell so clearly. When I look at our 6-________________, the memories of what we did come flooding back. I’d like to relive those memories one day.​
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1) good

2) painful

3) strong

4) in kindergarten

5) wonderful

6) family photos