Ссрроооччноо! Нужно сегодня же
преобразовать предложение в Present Simple We_____tomorrow(to presenr, the book)
We____every evening (to clean, the office)
They____ at the moment (to paint the rooms)
They haven\'t____ yet (to fix, their TV)
Do you____regularly?(to service, your car)
The Smiths___ last year.( to repair, their roof)
Our neighbours___at the moment.(to build, a new garage)
We___ only last month! (to repair, the television)
Molly___next month. (to decorate, the room)​​
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kerensky 3 года назад
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We will present the book tomorrow

We clean the office every evening  

They are painting the rooms  at the moment  

They haven't fixed their TV yet  

Do you service your car regularly?

The Smiths repaired their roof last year.

Our neighbours are building new garage at the moment.

We repaired the television only last month!  

Molly will decorate the room next month.