Travel destinations
Read the text about three holiday destinations. Answer the questions that follow.

The best holiday destination for me is Africa. I am so excited about this continent and all its wildlife. I am a fan of wild cats like lions and cheetahs. We are going to Tanzania this summer, so I would like to go on an African safari. We didn’t book the hotel, so we are staying in a guest house. I think staying with local people is the best way to learn about their culture. (Ray)

The holiday destination which I like most is wild nature. I like staying one to one with nature, so this summer we are visiting the Marrakech desert for three days. I am so excited to ride camels and see the most wonderful sunset in the desert. It is not safe there, so we are going with a group of people. We will stay in a desert camp. We will not take a lot of clothes, only the most important things like water, warm clothes, and a map. (May)

I like learning new cultures and traditions, so we are going to have a cultural holiday in India. I like colourful celebrations outside, so this time we are taking part in the Happy Holi. It is a popular Hindu festival. It is also known as a “festival of spring” because they celebrate the end of winter and the start of spring. On Holi, people spray colours on each other, dance, and laugh. (Key)

Ray mostly likes ___

May is staying in Marrakech desert for ____
The Happy Holi is also known as ____
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