O Present perfect passive or Past perfect passive!
1. The talks are over and the agreement just (sign).
2. The tree that (blow) down in the storm, was blocking our way.
3. Since the house (sell), the poor children had no place to live.
4. The decision (make) yet? I\'m rather tired of waiting.
5. Ian was surprised to see that all his things (pack) into bags and boxes and (put) into the hall.
6. Everything was ready for the trip: the tickets (buy), the last-minute shopping (do), the
children (warn) not to make too much noise on the train.
7. We\'ve been talking for more than an hour and nothing important (say) yet.
8. I\'m rather confused. I (ask) to write a poem and I\'ve never done it in my whole life.
9. We can\'t get inside the house, the key to the door (lose).
10. The Smiths never came to live in San Francisco after the famous bridge (build).
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  1. has just been signed
  2. had been blown
  3. had been sold
  4. has been made
  5. had been packed, put
  6. had been bought, had been done, had been warned
  7. has been said
  8. have been asked
  9. has been lost
  10. has been built