B) Past simple passive or Past continuous passive?
1. The letter didn\'t come by post, it (put) on our doorstep by someone while we were out.
2. While the table (lay) we had time to change our dirty clothes.
3. Jack heard footsteps behind him and realized that he (follow).
4. This piece of advice (give) to me by my father many years ago.
5. While the man\'s identity (check) by the police, he broke away and escaped.
6. By whom \"Hamlet\" first (translate) into Russian?
7. At that moment some music (play) loudly so I couldn\'t hear very well what he was saying to me.
8. The rooms in the house still (decorate) when the family had to move in, which caused a lot of
9. The play first (stage) in 1903 and was a huge success.
10. The children quickly (put) in a line and (take) to their classroom.
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  1. was put
  2. was laying
  3. was followed
  4. was given
  5. was being checked
  6. was translated
  7. was playing
  8. were still decorated
  9. was first staged
  10. were quickly put, taken