What sports do you like watching and what
sports do you play?
Do you prefer individual sport or team
sport? Why?
Do you like air,water or land sports?Why?
What sports are popular in Kazakhstan?
What sports are people in your family good
What is your Favourite sport?
What is the most dangerous sport?
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1)I like to watch hockey, and I play football, I am attracted to these two games.
2)I like team sports more, because at any moment you can rely on your team member.
3)I also really like water sports,as they work a full set of muscles and water is just a lot of fun.
4) In Kazakhstan,football(professional team Kairat), hockey(since there is a professional team Barys in Kazakhstan) is quite popular.
5) My dad is very good at swimming, football and bassketball.
And Mom knows volleyball,tennis, and bambinton pretty well.
And I love hockey!
6)My favorite sport is Ice hockey.
7)I think the most dangerous fork of the sport is track and field.

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кстати я не знаю какие виды спорта ты любишь,поэтому фантазировала