Make the sentences negative and interrogative.
1) A little girl has painted a funny picture.
2) We have visited this town.
3) The kettle has boiled.
4) They have understood the task.
5) Ben has broken his leg.
6) My mother has got a postcard from her friend.
7) We have had breakfast.​
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1)A little girl hasn't painted a funny picture.

Has a little girl painted a funny picture?

2) We have not visited this town.

Have we/they visited this town?

3) The kettle has not boiled.

Has the kettle boiled?

4) They have not understood the task.

Have they understood the task?

5) Ben hasn't broken his leg.

Has Ben broken his leg?

6) My mother hasn't got a postcard from her friend.

Has my mother got a postcard from her friend?

7) We have not had breakfast.

Have we had breakfast?