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Put the following into indirect speech.
1. ‘Don’t watch late-night horror movies, Henry’, I warned.
2. ‘I’ll come with you as soon as I’m ready,’ she replied.
3. ‘Are there smoking compartments?’ said the man with a pipe.
4. ‘Did this train stop at York?’ asked Bill.
5. ‘Who has won?’ asked Ann.
6. ‘Can you get coffee on the train?’ asked my mother.
7. ‘What else did you see?’ I asked the boy.
8. ‘Please do as I say,’ he begged me.
9. ‘Don’t lean your bicycles against my windows, boys,’ said the shopkeeper.
10. ‘Where were you last night, Mr. Jones?’ he said.
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Відповідь:1. I warned Henry not to watch late-night horror movies.

2. She replied that she’ll  come with me as soon as she is ready .

3. The man with a pipe asked if there were smoking compartments.

4. Bill asked whether that train stops at York.

5. Ann asked  who was the winner.

6. Mother asked whether I could get coffee on the train.

7. I asked the boy what else he had seen.

8. He begged me to do what he said.

9. The shopkeeper  told us not to lean our bicycles against his window.

10. He asked Mr. Jones where he was last night.