Make notes about the activities in Exercise 1. Then talk to your partner.

1 Which two things in the list in Exercise 1 are most important to you? Why?
2 Which things do you argue about with your parents?
3 Which one thing stresses you most? Why?
4 Which activities do you have a good time doing?
5 For which activities do you have to be responsible?

I think the most important thing for me is having time for myself -so I can just relax and do what I want to do!​
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Ex 4 p 87

1)For me, the most important thing from this list are have time for yourself and get enough sleep.Because if you sleep very little time, you will not have enough energy.And sometimes you have to be alone to collect your thoughts.

2)We argue with my parents about chatting with friends online.Because parents think it's bad to chat online

3)Nothing on this list bothers me.

4)I'm good at everything.ahahhahahah(true)

5)I have to be responsible for buying clothes.Because you have to pay for clothes and therefore you have to choose high-quality clothes

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