Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous
1. They (eat) pizza when I (come) to their place.
A) had been eating, came
B) had eaten , came
C) ate, had came
2. By the time we (come) home, our mum (cook) in the kitchen for three hours.
A) came , had been cooking
B) had come, cooked
C) came, had come
3. She (not swim) for more than ten years by the time she (move) to Miami.
A) didn\'t swim, had been moving
B) hadn\'t swum, moved
C) hadn’t been swimming, moved
4. We (fly) for almost four hours before the flight attendants (start) to serve the meals
A) had been flying, started
B) had flied, started
C) had flown, started
5. I (learn) Italian before I (visit) Milan.
A) had learnt, visited
B) had been learning, visitted
C) learnt, had visited
6. She (finish) writing letters by two o’clock
A) had been finishing
B) had finished
C) had been finished
7. My husband and I (live) with my parents for a year before we (move) house.
A) had lived, moved
B) had been living, moved
C) lived, had moved
8. Tim’s girlfriend (be) very angry. She (wait) for him for 40 minutes.
A) had been being, waited
B) was, had been waiting
C) were, had been waiting
9. My family (be) surprised to know I (pass) all the exams successfully
A) was, had been passed
B) was, had passed
C) were, had been passing
10. Harry (say) that he ( not pass) the exams yet
A) said, hadn’t passed
B) sayed, hadn’t passed
C) had been saying, passed
11. I ( type) this text for 2 hours and then (find) it on the Internet.
A) had been typing, found
B) had typed, founded
C) typed, had found
12. Of course he (not want) to sleep! He (not work) like a horse all the week.
A) hadn\'t wanted, didn\'t work
B) did not want, had not worked
C) did not want, had not been working

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