Step 1.Reading. Read the text below and choose the best answer from the given options:


As you read through this, some 2,000 thunderstorms are tearing apart the skies across the

world. And every second a hundred lightning bolts are striking the ground with their terrifying

roar – fingers of electricity up to 32 kilometres long that burn all they touch with temperatures

that reach 30,000ºC. it’s hardly surprising that lightning was feared by earlier cultures as a sign

of anger from their gods.

Lightning still has the power to thrill and fascinate. It is now also an active area of research for

scientists, who are still struggling to uncover its secrets and are looking for ways to protect

against the potentially disastrous effects of lightning strikes. Britain only has about 10 days of

thunderstorms a year. Yorkshire and the south Midlands are the worst affected. By contrast,

countries close to the equator suffer most from thunderstorms. Countries like Nigeria, for

example, tend to have a thunderstorm every two days. For centuries. However, there was little

anyone could do to protect themselves or their property from lightning. And up until the 18th century, people were often given dramatic proof that lightning can strike in the same place

several times. The bell tower of San Marco in Venice has, to data, been severely damaged or

destroyed nine times. Predicting when and where it is likely to strike is one of the ways we have

made lightning less of a menace. Forecasting lightning is taken very seriously in America, for

example, where scientists keep a constant eye on weather patterns that could lead to violent

storms. New methods enable scientists to warn people in threatened areas before a storm reaches

them. A good indication of the fact that a lightning strike is directly overhead is when your hair

stands on end. In potentially fatal circumstances, crouch down low with your hands on your

knees. Never lie on the ground. If stuck out in a storm never shelter under an isolated tree, which

can act as a lightning conductor, and stay away from anything made of metal. Although the

number of fatalities has decreased, lightning is no less common than it was in the past. The

reason for the decrease in deaths is that fewer people work out in the open. Those most at risk

today include sports people, especially golfers: dozens are struck worldwide each year.

Lightning protection is more important today than ever. The widespread use of electronic

technology means a surge of electricity caused by lightning could have devastating effects on a

hospital, for example. If lightning were to strike one of the complex electronic systems we use,

the consequences would be disastrous.

1) While you were reading the article

a) a hundred lightning bolts had struck the ground.

b) 2,000 thunderstorms happened.

c) 32 kilometres of lightning were observed in the sky.

2) Scientists who are studying the phenomenon of lightning

a) haven’t yet uncovered all its secrets.

b) have already uncovered all its secrets.

c) have found ways of protecting against the potentially disastrous effects of lightning.

3) In Britain the country of Yorkshire

a) tends to have a thunderstorm every two days.

b) suffers most from thunderstorms.

c) is affected by thunderstorms 10 days a year.

4) The possibility of lightning striking in the same place several timesa) is very rare.

b) Doesn’t allow people to protect themselves or their property from lightning.

c) Has been lessened in the last two centuries.

5) New methods of predicting lightning enable scientists

a) to warn people about them in advance.

b) to lessen the effect of lightning.

c) to prevent violent storms.

6) Scientist recommend the following precautions to be taken if you are caught in a


a) hide under a tree.

b) cover your head with your hands.

c) get close to the ground but don’t lie on it.

7) Lightning protection is more important today than ever because

a) more people work out in the open.

b) more people use electronic technology.

c) more people concentrate in one place.

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1. B

2. A

3. B

4. B

5. A

6. C

7. A


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