Make complete questions, then answer
them, as in the example.
1 What/you do/you get a headache?
A: What will you do if you get a headache?
B: If I get a headache, I\'ll take an aspirin.
2 What/you do/you get stressed?
3 What/you do/your cold gets worse?
4 What/you do/you feel tired?
5 Where/you go/it is sunny on Sunday?
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Hatsunya 1 год назад
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Ответ: 2. -What will you do if you get stressed?

-If I get stressed, I'll go for a walk.

3.-What will you do if your cold gets worse?

-If my cold gets worse, I'll go to the doctor.

4.-What will you do if you feel tired?

-If I feel tired, I'll go to sleep.

5.-Where will you go if it is sunny on Sunday?

-If it is sunny on Sunday, I'll go to the park.